Cannot Access ‘Content & Structure’

If you run this powershell below then you’ll get a table of all the lists on the site.

$url = “http://testportal”
$web = Get-SPWeb $url
$web.lists | Format-Table title,id -AutoSize

Which will show something like this:

Title                                   ID
—–                                   —
Announcements                                e0e99f41-2c01-4dc5-bd0e-0ca8127bed57
ApplicationLauncherIcons                 8f8fe7e8-3d8c-40be-b520-cb4b91

You then take the ID and put it into the browser like for example:
If you see throws an error, then that’s broken list. According to the posts below they either deleted that list entirely or exported it and imported it again. (So you can try export the list as a template and import it again)
OR delete that list using PowerShell:
$web = get-spweb -Identity http://testportal
$list = $web.lists[“corrupted list name”]
$list.AllowDeletion = $true


Stsadm -o forcedeletelist -url http://testportal /name_of_list



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